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Men's fashion at NOX46

Visually visceral, we explore the hustle and bustle of the world. How could this be better than with an inspiration. Pure inspiration! With different impressions, focal points and appealing products and photos. There is something for every taste. Stylish, modern. May therefore often be considered times. Men have long been fashionable and just as stylish as the ladies. Rather, everyone with his clothes shows his very individual character. Functionality is no longer a priority for men's fashion.


The right outfit for every occasion

The saying "Clothes make people" is well known to everyone. We say, the more individual man dresses the better. Eye-catching patterns or casual looks with hoody and jeans. Cool bomber jackets or a sporty t-shirt that can also be torn. Just refresh the look with casual shoes and accessories. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and that it suits your style. You decide!

Men's clothing in smart casual style

There are many different ways to integrate Smart Casual into everyday life. A casual sweater that is worn over shirt and tie, the omission of the tie or even the exchange of elegant suit trousers for a modern cotton pants or Chino are subtle examples. For footwear, the dress shoes can be replaced by runners or decorated lace-up shoes. Also sneakers in combination with an ankle-length suit trousers lend themselves to the fashionable look. Basically Smart Casual can be combined with everything and in most cases everything works. However, it requires some experience and a certain sense of style.

Current trends in men's fashion

Fashion trends come and go, and they keep coming back. Trends are like a cycle and return at certain intervals. Some trends last longer than others, resulting in some trends that persist over several years. The ongoing athleisure trend does not let up. While this is still used in new materials, sports shoes and jogging pants now return to the training pants or jogging suits. Colors always play an important role in menswear. Pastel shades are extremely common and stay that way. Add to that the color khaki. In addition to burgundy and anthracite (in light and dark variants).

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